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We can proudly introduce you to our unique handcrafted range of Flower products which we can customise to your needs.
Our Nightlights, Lamps, 3D pictures, Wreaths, Baby Mobiles and Headpieces are perfect addition to your home or the outfit you are wearing.
Take a look for yourself and pick whichever you like.
Each petal is handcrafted and we believe you won't find these handmade pieces from anywhere else. These pieces are absolutely exclusive and will suit people who know to appreciate interesting and extraordinary things.
We can make our products according to your individual colour preference and size
Please allow 3-4 working days to make it.


All my flower Nightlights are made with a high-quality, waterproof and mould resistant foam. It has no smell and is completely safe for children. The material is very soft to touch. You can clean it using the shower. Please remember to remove all the batteries first!
If you have an allergy then these are the perfect Flowers for you. They have no smell, no mess and are always Blooming! Delicate flower Nightlights are a perfect addition to your home decor or a great gift for a flower lover!! You can put this flower anywhere where you don't have sockets:
🌹On the floor in the corner
🌹Near fireplace
🌹On the shelf near the bed
🌹Even in the kitchen to complement your decor.
LED warm lights will create a warm atmosphere in your house. All my Nightlights include batteries.
Some Nightlights are made with a round plastic ball which has built-in LED colour changing lights. This are perfect for children who afraid to sleep in a dark. Some of them are made on a stem like Rose, Lily or Peony flower nightlights. We have warm and colour changing LED lights available for you to order to complete the Flower.


We have different types of lamps available. Our Peony, Ranunculus and Rose lamps are the perfect gift for your loved ones or a great addition your home. Soft material, mould resistant and waterproof. You can clean all our lamps under the shower. Diameter: from 30cm to 46 cm Cable: 1.5m Finish: plastic base covered with green foam. Maximum bulb wattage 40W Recommended bulb type - LED small screw cap (Bulb is included)

Baby Mobiles

Girls room hanging decor/baby girl mobile/ baby gift for girl. Handmade foam rose baby nursery mobile, originally inspired by @babyshowermobiles. Length is 36" (92cm)(from hanging key ring to bottom leaf strand) and approx. 12"(30cm) in diameter, 21 pearls and 11 hanging strings. The LED lights comes with batteries included. Ideal for any girl's room, hanging decor/baby girl mobile/ baby gift for girl. The hook is not included. We can customise the mobiles to your liking. This is NOT a toy and should never be reachable by a child. Contains small pieces and wires.

3D Canvas Pictures

Someone paints pictures, but I give them life, embodying my ideas and the ideas of the customer. All our 3D pictures enliven the room and the lighting helps create cosiness. Pictures are the embodiment of some amazing emotion, my emotion, some part of my soul, which I share with you, my dear customers. These 3D pictures are made of very good quality foam. Batteries are included. You can clean the flowers with a wet cloth or even shower it in the bathroom because the material is water and mould resistant.


The Flower Wreaths are a great addition to your door. Beautiful and unique. They are made of waterproof foam material and resistant to any weather conditions. Our Wreaths will delight your door for a lot of years.